Google will replace Flash with HTML5


Google will replace Flash with HTML5

“Starting in July 2016, you’ll no longer be able to upload display ads built in Flash. And, starting in January 2017, AdWords will stop running display ads in the Flash format.” says Google.

Any modern Web based media streaming technology should default to using HTML5 over Flash Player technology.  While it says Flash might have “historically” been a good way to present rich media online, Google is now much more partial to HTML5, thanks to faster load times and lower power use.

Those sites that still display content in Flash will be accessible to the user. On websites, which truly require Flash, a prompt will appear and the user can then decide about the usage of Flash Player. Furthermore, redirects to Adobe’s download page will be intercepted and also lead to the aforementioned prompt. Flash will still be a default option for top 10 sites that depend on it, including YouTube, Facebook, Twitch, Amazon, and others.

The death of Adobe’s Flash became inevitable in 2011, when plans for a mobile version were completely abandoned. Since then, any site that uses Flash has to include an alternative for mobile users, who increasingly make up the bulk of web traffic. Meanwhile, on the desktop, Flash’s well-documented security problems persist, endangering users and prompting constant update notifications.

Flash probably won’t die completely for a long time yet, meaning this little proprietary technology is surviving despite an onslaught from Google, Apple, and several other big technology companies.


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